When you join one of our 3 locations, you receive all the benefits there is to offer in one comprehensive membership. Membership fees are based on group coaching, frequency of training, family and other discounted fees for military, fire, police and federal law enforcement.

For enrollment of membership we offer the following:

*All members are required to complete Barbell University & CrossFit Basics Series prior to starting training in regular Classes at Fort Worth S&C or test out of the 4 sessions. If a potential member has had proper barbell training using the Starting Strength Method or an on-ramp program at another CF Affiliate, they can have the option to "test-out". They have to meet with a Coach, perform the barbell movements; squat, press, deadlift, bench press, power clean, 10 general CrossFit movements and pass 90% of the movement standards. The cost for the test is 40.00 and will be applied as a credit to our Barbell University and CrossFit Basics if they don't pass.



* Special pricing available for military, police, fire and federal law enforcement members.

* Family discounts are also available. 25% off for every family member after the first enrolling member.

Member Referral Program - when an existing member refers a potential member and they join , they will receive the following (In any given 1 month timeframe):

1 Member  -  15% off membership for 1 month

2 Members  -  30% off membership for 1 month

3 Members  -  60% off membership for 1 month

4 Members  -  100% off membership for 1 month

* New members must mention the existing member for the member to receive credit.