Fort Worth Strength & Conditioning – CrossFit Fort Worth is Tarrant County’s premier training facility for fitness and health. Our goal is to empower each member or athlete to reach their full potential through the support of professional training, coaching, evidenced based programming, exercise science and a dynamic community.

Our coaches train using Starting Strength Barbell Training, CrossFit, Olympic Weightlifting, Endurance Training, and Gymnastic movements. Founded over 8 years ago, our services have grown into 2 locations to serve the needs of the fitness community.  Our HQ facility is for private training and by appointment only. The foundation of our training model is built on the 10 general physical skills and their development. We focus on STRENGTH, STRENGTH & CONDITIONING, or STRENGTH Maintenance & CONDITIONING based on the members individual needs. You decide!

Here is how we're different from most other gyms. First, we are a Starting Strength Gym! We provide a linear progression custom barbell program for all new members and then utilize CrossFit for conditioning. By building a strong foundation first under the barbell, our members accelerate their growth in CrossFit and reach their goals sooner! Also, we are the only gym that provides customized barbell training for group pricing!

By developing these skills, our members become well-rounded individuals ready to take on any life task, recreational endeavor or sport. This also supports healthy, lean, muscular bodies and promotes each member to reach their maximum genetic potential. After years of serving individuals, we know that combining a strong coaching and training model with proper nutrition, rest, recovery and a dynamic community, any person at any fitness level can reach their goals!

We are a dynamic community of individuals seeking health and fitness at all different levels. We got tired of the lack of direction and results of other fitness programs and created a model where anyone with any fitness level could get fit. Our coaching staff and founder are committed to empowering all individuals to reach their full potential. The experience and education of our staff is second to none with Starting Strength Certification, CrossFit Level 1, 2, and 3 coaches on staff. We have one Level 3 CCFT and one Level 2 Coach on staff, plus several Level 1 coaches. We have one Starting Strength Coach (SSC) on staff.

CrossFit Fort Worth is for you if you:

Want to get in shape but don’t know how to develop a fitness program

Dislike the impersonal “Globo-Gym” environment

Have lost interest in your gym routine or get bored with your workouts

Think you don’t have time to exercise

Are wanting to get faster or stronger for your sport

Are no longer seeing results with your current fitness program


Our community is diverse and has military personnel, moms, engineers, fire fighters, policeman, teachers, doctors, students and many more. We are you!