Friday April 18, 2014

Warm-up and dynamic mobility with Coach and Class before the WOD

Strength Make-Up - today you can make-up performing your 1 RM for back squat, front squat, deadlift, or shoulder press if you have not already done one of them this week. These 1 RM's will be key to your strength development over the next 6-12 weeks in our FORT WORTH STRONG Program!

Friday April 18, 2014

EMOM for 6 min;

Clean and push press (two separate movements) 3 reps @ 70% of 1 RM clean


Three rounds for time of;

Row 30 calories

Walking Overhead weighted lunges (alternate) 5 ea leg, 10 total with a KB



2014-04-14 Body Fat Testing

2014-03-20 CrossFit Open Watching...

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